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Zopper is an ecommerce based startup company, which is become a big brand in India. As creative web manager my role was to do Market Reasearch, UI/UX, Product Feature and Coordinate with developers & management.

Before this app company was dealing on online price comparision. But after some time company tried to change their business model and target offline retailers also. Sometime the user behaviour, features and requirement of online and offline market are completely different. We successfully delivered a world class app to our users as per their customize needs.

Wireframe, User personna, Storyboard made our UX more effective

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Shop as per your convenient

Targeting online & offline customers

App has 2 sections, 'online products' & 'nearby shops'. We help online users to get best price of any product via compare the price of online shopping websites with offers and coupon details. For offline users we provide the facility to find the nearby shop with distance, contact number and other details.

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Resolve the problem "WHAT SHOULD I BUY?"

I have 15k budget and want a mobile to play games. Confused which should i buy :-(

After our market reasearch, we found a surprising fact that maximum buyer don't know which is the best product for their actual need. They have the customize requirement but its difficult for them to understand the technical details.Instead of force our user to filter difficult technical keywords, we make our back-end system smart and introduce new features which they can understand easily.

To buy any mobile :-
Choose Usage (game, photography etc) >> Device size >> Budget

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